Video: Best Circular Economy Practices in Holland


Video: Best Circular Economy Practices in Holland

Left: Mr. Freek van Eijk, Director of Holland Circular Hotspot | Right: Dr. Vesna Lavtizar, Policy Researcher, IGES

Holland Circular Hotspot and IGES Collaboration

The circular economy is very high on the agenda of Kitakyushu city. To accelerate the progress, Kitakyushu Circular Economy Committee was formed in order to realize Kitakyushu’s Circular Economy Roadmap, entitled “Kitakyushu Circular Economy Vision“. Several times per year the Committee meets to discuss the progress and plans.  The most recent meeting invited the CEO of Holland Circular Hotspot, Mr. Freek van Eijk and IGES KUC policy researcher, Dr. Vesna Lavtizar to present some of the best circular economy practices carried out by the Dutch enterprises. They discussed why the Dutch government is so strongly promoting and enforcing the circular economy, what are their priority areas and key elements for success. 

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