Lessons from Kitakyushu and its People


Lessons from Kitakyushu and its People


Lessons Kitakyushu

Regarding the Day 1 as just the date of arrival at Kitakyushu, this pilot programme substantially started in the morning of the Day 2 with a “getting-to-know-each-other” session, followed by a casual brainstorming by means of a card game. After the cozy warm-up, we had an introductory but intensive lecture on the SDGs and its implementation in Kitakyushu presented by Ms. Junko Ota, a policy researcher in IGES KUC who was appointed vice chair of Kitakyushu SDGs Council. The morning session was ended with a presentation made by Mr. Yoshimasa Ito from NPO Satoyama, introducing their organisation’s unique approach to Satoyama, the boundary zone between undeveloped foothills and arable lands near populated areas, which are affinitive to the SDGs. In the afternoon we had a fun yet inspiring time with Imacocollabo’s SDGs Game, which encouraged us to relate ourselves to the current global condition.

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